IP Schedule Update - Sat Feb 17

Due to the Novice tournament taking place in Rink B, this Saturday we will be practicing in RINK A from 7:30 - 10:30am. The schedule has changed from what was previously posted to the website. Instead, we will be having a "practice tournament" in preparation for Sunday’s tournament. Jerseys will be given out on Saturday and are to be passed back to the coach after the last game on Sunday.

Schedule of games for SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17th (all taking place in RINK A) is as follows:

Time Team 1 Team 2
7:30AM Golden Knights Capitals Rink 1
7:30AM Jets Lightning Rink 2
8:30AM Predators Sharks Rink 1
8:30AM Lightning Golden Knights Rink 2
9:30AM Sharks Capitals Rink 1
9:30AM Predators Jets Rink 2

Final team listings can be found under Event Info Tab - Documents.

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