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Date:               March 12, 2020




As noted in the release from Hockey Canada earlier this month, on January 25, 2020, the Government of Ontario reported the first case of COVID‐19 (coronavirus) in Canada. The Provincial Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald is in contact with Canada's chief public health officer, as well as colleagues in other province and territories to ensure any cases of COVID‐19 identified continue to be managed to protect the health of everyone in our communities. Hockey NL’s VP and Medical Director, Dr. Jared Butler is in contact with Dr. Fitzgerald, the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, and other groups of interest to obtain the most up to date and accurate information on a regular basis.


The Public Health Agency of Canada is constantly assessing the public health risk associated with COVID‐19.  Currently, this risk level is set as LOW for Canada and for Canadian travellers depending on the destination. Updates on COVID‐19 can be found at:


Government of Canada‐health/services/diseases/2019‐novel‐coronavirusinfection.html


Government of Newfoundland and Labrador


Memorial University of Newfoundland (for students)


Hockey NL will be monitoring the situation as it develops and evolves. We are involved in national calls with all branches and Hockey Canada every other day for up to date information sharing and direction.  Updates will be done on a regular basis to ensure the most accurate information is available to our members.  Currently, ALL tournaments at the local, regional, and national level will continue as planned.  We are recommending that anyone purchasing tickets or arranging travel secure trip cancellation insurance should the unfortunate happen and events be cancelled.


Hockey NL is partnering with its sister Branches in Atlantic Canada, as well as Hockey Canada, to develop up to date practices, policies and procedures for all events so that they are consistent across the four (4) Atlantic Provinces.  This partnership should help standardize everyone’s approach and provide some reduction in the possible risk of disease spread.


With respect to our provincial championships and all events in NL, discussions are ongoing but as of now they are scheduled to take place.  However, things are changing daily and we will be monitoring. Hockey NL will be taking clear direction from our provincial health authorities on this issue. Concerns have been raised with respect to large gatherings of people from different regions and communities which may pose a significant health risk to every member, especially those who are most vulnerable. This significant safety concern will be taken into consideration when formulating decisions as to whether these events will be altered in any way.


This situation serves as a reminder that the health and safety of participants is a priority, and prevention in the hockey environment should be considered by those around the game.


Dr. Jared Butler                                                 Mr. Jack Lee                                       Mr. Craig Tulk

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